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Euromal gathers specialists from various research fields. The scope of the conference includes the main topics in current malacological research

  • Invasive mollusks - impact on ecosystems, biodiversity and economy
  • The role of mollusks in biosecurity and global food security
  • Taxonomy and evolutionary systematics of mollusks
  • Mollusks as a model system in paleontology
  • Interspecific relationships and behavior of mollusks
  • Bivalves as ecosystem engineers
  • Evolution, ecology and host-parasite relationships
  • Ecotoxicology of bivalves and gastropods
  • Mollusk diversity in understudied regions
  • Biogeography and quarternary malacology
  • Morphology and biology of mollusks
  • Conservation methods, guidelines and techniques
  • Mollusk conservation, status and distribution
  • Climate change and mollusks
  • Mollusks collections
  • New sampling techniques - eDNA
  • Molecular methods in malacology
  • Mollusk aquaculture and synthetic ecology
  • Citizen science and popularization of molluscan research

Previous conferences

Euromal is the most important meeting for the european malacological community, click here to see more information about previous conferences


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