We are happy to announce the winners of the student prize, Six prizes were awarded, each worth approximately 330 € (minus taxes and fees). Three prizes were awarded for the standard presentation format, two for the short presentation and one for the best poster

Winners: Standard presentation

  • Claudia M. Ortiz-Sepulveda: Enrichment of ORFs and UCEs in genomic samples to link microevolution and macroevolution in African freshwater unionids (Parreysiinae: Coelaturini)
  • Janine P. da Silva: Predicting future range shifts to a critically endangered freshwater mussel in Europe: the importance of including fish hosts
  • Juan Felipe Escobar-Calderón: High-frequency video analysis as a new method for tracking bivalve filtering behaviour: comparison with traditional methods.

Short presentation

  • Quintia Vaessen: Spatial distribution of Unio crassus linked with environmental variables at a regional scale.
  • Edgar Barajas Ledesma: Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy used to study glycosylation of proteins in gastropod mucus

Best poster

  • Agata Bonk: The preliminary results of the nanoplastics and microplastic impact on Unio tumidus and Sphaerium sp.

Congratulations to all the winners! and a big thanks to the Malacological Society of London who made these prizes possible. Additionally, we want to thank all students for submitting their work to the student competition, although we were only able to grant six prizes and had to make some tough decisions, we were extremely glad to see the high quality of all the contributions.

We ask the winners to contact us at info@euromal.czif they haven’t done so far, we will need to draft a contract and finalize the details of the delivery of the prize.