Schedule for poster discussions

The fields marked with “★” correspond to student presentations

Day 2: Monday 20:10-20:45

Authors Title Cathegory
★Altomari L.N., Barros M.R.F., Santos W.C.R., Herrmann M., Chagas R.A. Effect of El-Nino on the growth performance of oyster cultivated on the Amazon coast Aquaculture
Babushkin E.S. Freshwater bivalve malacofauna of the Taz River basin (Western Siberia, Northern Asia) Biogeography
★Bakhtadze N.G., Chakvetadze N.L., Mumladze L.J., Gabroshvili N.Sh., Tskhadaia E.A., Tsiklauri R.S. The chromosome numbers of the family Hygromiidae Tryon, 1866 (Gastropoda: Stylommatophora) Taxonomy And Systematics
★Barák V., Jahelková V., Simon O., Bílý M., Douda K. Effects of episodic point-source pollution on survival of caged juvenile Margaritifera margaritifera Ecotoxicology
★Benedict A., Geist J. Early life-cycle stages in freshwater mussel conservation and management Conservation Methods
Billman-Jacobe H., Haites R. E., Russell D., Watt A.E. Tetrahymena rostrata cysts for biocontrol of pest slugs Host-Parasite Relationships
Bond C.E., Yap-Chiongco M.K., Hawkins T., Partain R.E., Cobo M.C., Kocot K.M. Uncovering the biodiversity of Gymnomeniidae (Aplacophora, Mollusca) in the Norwegian Sea Taxonomy And Systematics
★Bonk A., Dąbrowska A., Skawina A. The preliminary results of the nanoplastics and microplastic impact on Unio tumidus and Sphaerium sp. Ecotoxicology
★Carvalho de Lima T., Barreto Braga Mello V., de Castro Oliveira C.D. Validation of the most informative descriptors for the species of the gender Cardiomya Adams, 1864 in Brazil Taxonomy And Systematics
Castro-Claros J.D., Cobo M.C., Lucena-Serrano  C., Checa A., Salas C. New record and update of Pruvotia sopita (Pruvot, 1890) (Mollusca, Aplacophora) in the South of Spain Taxonomy And Systematics
★Cervera Lara M.,Lozano-Francisco M. C. Introduction to the study of the population structure of Cymbula safiana (Lamarck, 1819) on the littoral of the province of Malaga (southern Spain) Monitoring Of Mollusc Populations
Ćmiel A.M.1, Zając T., Zając K., Lipińska A.M., Najberek K. Comparison of breeding strategies of freshwater Unionidae mussels under stochastic environmental conditions Ecology And Evolution
David Andrew A. Infestation of commercially reared bay scallops (Argopecten irradians) by the shell boring polychaete Polydora neocaeca on Nantucket Island Aquaculture
Doldan M. S., Gimenez L.H., Morsan E.M. Environmental forcing on growth and recruitment of marine bivalve species at Northern Patagonia, Southwestern Atlantic Global Change
Doldan M.S., Rubilar T., Oehrens Kissner E.M., Kroeck M.A., Morsan E.M. Solitary as an oyster? Neighbours, inquinilism, commensals and parasites of Ostrea puelchana Ecology And Evolution
Ekimova I.A., Mikhlina A.L., Stanovova M.V., Antokhina T.I., Schepetov D.M. New data on nudibranch fauna in the North-West Pacific revealed an astonishing pseudocryptic diversity Taxonomy And Systematics
★Gąsienica P., Stec D., Lachowska-Cierlik D., Zając K. S. First comprehensive molecular phylogeny reconstruction of the family Milacidae (Gastropoda: Eupulmonata) Taxonomy And Systematics
Georgopoulou E., Gkisakis V., Kabourakis E. Contribution to the land snail fauna of olive orchards in Crete (Greece) Monitoring Of Mollusc Populations
Gomes S., Piteira M., Fernandes C., Varandas S., Saavedra M.J. Escherichia coli Isolated from Potomida littoralis and Margaritifera margaritífera: phylogenetic group determination Genetics

Day 3: Tuesday 20:10-20:55

Authors Title Cathegory
★Gregarová K., Atkinson C., Zieritz A., Douda K. Biomass-clearance rate relationships in freshwater bivalves – introduction of a distributed experimental research network Ecosystem Functions
★Guerrero Spagnuoli J., Dop N.S., Pizá J. From the Mediterranean to Patagonia: studying Rumina decollata (Linnaeus 1758), a non-native snail in Argentina, through a citizen science project Invasive Species
★Guillen C., Marquez-Farias J.F, Avila-Poveda O.H Size-frequency distribution variation in an intertidal Polyplacophora along a tropical latitudinal gradientt Ecology And Evolution
★Guillen C., Rodriguez-Dominguez G., Avila-Poveda O.H Population growth of the intertidal mollusk Chiton articulatus (Polyplacophora: Chitonida) at its northernmost distribution limit in Mexico, based on length data Ecology And Evolution
Guimarães M., Torres A.L.Q., Serra A.C.S., Coutinho R.A., Americo J.A., de Freitas Rebelo M. Sex ratio in invasive freshwater bivalve species: a meta-analysis Invasive Species
Hajisafarali M., Aaltonen S., Pulkkinen K., Taskinen J. Freshwater Mussel Removes Bacterial Pathogen  Ecosystem Functions
★Inäbnit T., Dennis A.B. The mitochondrial genomes of two species within the Melampus bidentatus species complex (Panpulmonata; Ellobioidea) Genetics
★Indriksone J.V., Deart Yu.V., Antokhina T.I., Ekimova I.A. >New data on biodiversity of dorid nudibranchs (Gastropoda: Heterobranchia) in Southern Vietnam Taxonomy And Systematics
★Khrebtova I.S., Aksenova O.V., Kondakov A.V. A molecular identification of trematodes of the genus Diplostomum in lymnaeid snail from Arctic lakes Host-Parasite Relationships
Konopleva E.S., Kondakov A.V., Tomilova A.A., Vikhrev I.V., Lyubas A.A., Bolotov I.N. Phylogeography of Depressed River Mussel Pseudanodonta complanata in Russia Ecology And Evolution
Książkiewicz-Parulska Z. Selected behavioural traits of some European hygrophilous whorl snails (Gastopoda: Eupulomata: Vertiginidae) Ecology And Evolution
Kur J., Igliński P., Galant G., Mioduchowska M. Study of biofouling on an offshore rig in the Baltic Sea Invasive Species
★Lamilla- Tamayo L., Barák V., Mohammadi M., Escobar- Calderón F., Vodáková B., Douda K. Evaluation of green algae Ettlia oleoabundans grown under different conditions as food source for freshwater bivalves Conservation Methods
Lewin I., Halabowski D. Anthropogenic drivers of molluscs dispersion in tributaries of the Vistula and Odra rivers with different degrees of secondary salinisation Invasive Species
Lisova E.D., Stanovova M.V., Ekimova I.A Morphological and genetic variability within different populations of amphiboreal nudibranch species Onchidoris muricata Biogeography
★Lisova E.D., Vortsepneva E.V. New data of Nudibranchia rhinophore morphology: case of Onchidoris muricata (Doridina) Anatomy
Martín-Hervás M.R., Carmona L., Malaquias M.A.E., Krug P.J., Cervera J.L. A new species of non-green sacoglossan sea slug species (Heterobranchia, Gastropoda) from the archipelago of Azores Taxonomy And Systematics
Munjiu O. Endangered freshwater mollusk Unio crassus Philipsson, 1788 in the Republic of Moldova Monitoring Of Mollusc Populations
★Muñoz Schuler C., Torres V., Aguilera F. Evaluating the putative role of exosomal pathways in the process of shell formation in Crassostrea gigas Anatomy
★Nurhayati P.A., Nurinsiyah A.S., Affandi M. Land snails of Raden Soerjo Nature Tourism Park, East Java, Indonesia Monitoring Of Mollusc Populations
★Paz-Sedano S., Gosliner T.M., Pola M. Who is not Goniodoridella savignyi Pruvot-Fol, 1933? The challenge of Indo-Pacific Goniodoridella species complex (Nudibranchia, Goniodorididae) Taxonomy And Systematics
Pereira J.V., Reis J., Magalhães M.F.   Captive Breeding Techniques for Freshwater Pearl Mussel M. Margaritifera – Plastic Boxes vs. Artificial Stream Channels   Conservation Methods  
Pieńkowska J.R., Proćków M., Lesicki A.   Monacha cantiana (Montagu, 1803) in northern France and the Netherlands   Taxonomy And Systematics  

Day 4: Tuesday 20:10-20:45

Authors Title Cathegory
Pizá J. Self-fertilization depression in an introduced population of the land snail Rumina decollata (Linnaeus 1758) Invasive Species
Proćków M., Konowalik K., Proćków J. Contrasting effects of climate change on potential distribution of alien species Cernuella virgata and Hygromia cinctella Invasive Species
Saavedra M.J.*, Gomes S., Fernandes C.,
Teixeira A., Varandas S.
Antibiotic-Resistant Escherichia coli on Asian clam (Bivalvia, Corbiculidea): Case Study in the Tua River, Portugal Biosecurity
★Salles A.C.A., Oliveira C.D.C., Pimenta A.D. Redescription of Rhinus species (Stylommatophora: Simpulopsidae) occurring in the Brazilian Atlantic rainforest: a long-neglected genus amid environmental chaos Anatomy
Salles A.C.L., Oliveira J.P.G.,
Ferreira C.E.L, Padula V.
Mass stranding of Argonauta nodosus Lightfoot, 1786 (Cephalopoda, Argonautidae) in southeastern Brazil Monitoring Of Mollusc Populations
Schell T., Baranski D., Hamadou A. B.,
Christa G., Galià-Camps C., Greve C.
Providing a high quality genome for the ‘solar powered’ sea slug Elysia timida Genetics
Simon O. P., Hruška J., Horáčková J.,
Dort B., Douda K., Švanyga J., Bílý M.,  Švaříčková J.
Action Plan for a critically endangered Freshwater Pearl Mussel in Czechia – achievements of semi-natural breeding and population reinforcement in contrast with protracted restoration of its oligotrophic river ecosystems Conservation Practice
Sîrbu I., Benedek A.M. Saving assets when needed: using spline interpolation functions and integral calculus to assess ecological parameters of mollusk populations and communities Ecology And Evolution
Skawina A. Narrowing the time of evolution of the eulamellibranch gill anatomy in Unionida – new Late Triassic findings from Poland Paleontology
Slavevska – Stamenković V., Hinić J., Shoreva I.,
Mitić – Kopanja D., Glöer P.
Towards resolving the mystery about the Balkan endemic freshwater snail Graecoanatolica macedonica Radoman & Stankovič, 1979 in Dojran Lake (R. North Macedonia) Conservation Practice
★Somoza-Valdeolmillos E., Gómez-Moliner B.J., Caro A., Chueca L.J.,
Martínez-Ortí A.,  Madeira M.J.
Multilocus Molecular Phylogeny of Chondrina farinesii (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Chondrinidae) in the Iberian Peninsula Taxonomy And Systematics
★Somoza-Valdeolmillos E., Gómez-Moliner B.J., Caro A., Chueca L.J.,
Martínez-Ortí A., Madeira M.J.
Multilocus Molecular Phylogeny of the Chondrina soleri + granatensis + gasulli complex (Gastropoda, Pulmonata, Chondrinidae) in the Iberian Peninsula Taxonomy And Systematics
Souza L.S., Costa P.M.S. Three new species of Columbellidae (Neogastropoda) from deep waters of the southwestern Atlantic: shell morphology, anatomical data and morphometric analysis Taxonomy And Systematics
Teixeira A., Magalhães M.F., Oliveira J.M., Beja P., Lopes-Lima M.,
Nogueira J., Jesus J., Cortes R., Varandas S., Reis J.,
Rodrigues P., Pereira J., García Álvarez M.,
Fonseca C., Barros T., Ferreira E., Teixeira F., Miranda F., Cortez P.,
Fernandes C., Mesquita E., Pereira A.M., Teiga-Teixeira J.
, Froufe E., Sousa R.
Conservation and management of freshwater pearl mussel (Margaritifera margaritifera) and brown trout (Salmo trutta) populations in Portugal Conservation Practice
Varandas S., Fernandes C., Ballen A., Teixeira A., Saavedra M.J. Freshwater bivalves as reservoirs of multiresistant bacteria: the case of two endangered species (Margaritifera margaritifera and Potomida littoralis) Biosecurity
Vázquez A.A., Faugere D., Sánchez J., Alba A., López-Soriano J., Chapuis E., Alda P., Pointier J.-P., Hurtrez-Boussès S. Invasion risks of Orientogalba viridis (Lymnaeidae) in Europe: susceptibility to Fasciola hepatica (Trematoda) and life-history traits under experimental tropicalized settings Invasive Species
★Vorobyeva O.A., Mikhlina A.L., Malakhov V.V., Ekimova I.A. Comparative morphology of the cnidosac and related structures in the nudibranch family Fionidae Ecology And Evolution
Yang L., Kawaguchi T., Fortunato  H. Oyster aquaculture and food safety: the microplastics problem Aquaculture
★Yuvero M.C., Lomovasky B., Giménez J. Contour analysis in subtidal and intertidal populations of the mussel Mytilus edulis platensis d’ Orbigny, 1842 Ecology And Evolution
Zaidman P.C., Saldaño M. A., Barrera Fuenzalida E.A. What happens to small scale fisheries when new resources appeared: one case of north Patagonia Argentina Social Aspects Of Mollusc Research