Cervera Lara M., Lozano-Francisco M. C.


Cymbula safiana (Lamarck, 1819) is listed as an endangered or threatened species in the Barcelona Convention of 1993; a strictly protected species in Annex II of the Bern Convention and an endangered species in the Red Book of Invertebrates of Andalusia. It is one of the two giant limpets of the Mediterranean. However, its ecology and population dynamics and structure are still unknown. In this study, an approach to the analysis of the populations or subpopulations and their structure of this species on the coast of the province of Malaga (Alboran Sea) was carried out in two areas with differential characteristics: the beach of La Araña and the coastal area of the mouth of the Guadalhorce river. Significant differences were found between the subpopulations in these areas, probably associated with the characteristics of the environment. In addition, new data are provided on its biology and ecology, and on its current distribution area in the province of Malaga.