Nurhayati P.A., Nurinsiyah A.S., Affandi M.

Raden Soerjo Nature Tourism Park is a conservation area located on the slope of Mt. Arjuna-Welirang, East Java, Indonesia. Previous study recorded only three species in the mountain. The present study aims to reveal the land snail diversity in the Raden Soerjo Nature Tourism Park. We collected both live snails and dead shells from 10 plots of 10 x 10 m2. Sampling was carried out by combining visual observation and sorting-sieving 5kg per plot of soil and leaf litter samples. A total of 159 specimens belonging to eight families and 13 species were collected. They consist of Bradybaena similaris, Coneuplecta sitaliformis, Helicarion albellus, Japonia ciliocinctum, Kaliella barrakporensis, Landouria sp, Liardetia convexiconica, Liardetia platyconus, Microcystina nana, Paraboysidia boettgeri, Parmarion pupillaris, Philalanka micromphala, and Philalanka thienemanni. Shannon diversity index shows 1.99, the dominance index is 0.19, and the evenness index is 0.78. Although the Raden Soerjo Park is a conservation area, the rest of Mt. Arjuna-Welirang’s slope is dominated by plantation. Thus the canopy coverage in the Park needs to be maintained or moreover increased, and human activity in this area needs to be minimized. These are efforts to conserve the species diversity in the area and prevent the increase of invasive species coming from the plantations nearby.